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Author: Casey Kahler

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Beef Eaters Guards, and Bobbies - Oh My!

Author: Kate Braun

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Around London in 1.5 Days


Author: Austin Marlowe

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A Birthday in London

Moving to Europe has many advantages, one of them being ease of ravel.  For my 16th birthday I got to choose a trip of a life time, so I headed to the home of royalty, London.

Author: Allie Marotta

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Cheers, Mate!

Author: Hayden

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Letters From London - Mission Base Camp

7/17 - (11A)Up until this point, traveling to England has been an adventure that I’ve played over and over again in my mind. Now, reality has begun to set in….no cell phone, limited luggage due to airline fees, and not knowing a soul that I’m about to travel alongside. To be honest, the only thing on my mind right now is surviving base camp. The details of camp are a mystery, but the idea is spiritual preparation, cross-cultural training, and team-building.

Author: Ashley Martinez

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London: My American Dream

People always talk about how the United States really is the American Dream because venturing to America provides opportunity and hope. But I experienced this realization somewhere else; London.

Author: Ami Retsnom

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My First Excursion: England

Author: Jacqueline

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A Slice of Literature

Going back in time requires no supernatural powers, no new-fangled machines with walls of blinking buttons and levers—walking into an era long-gone can be achieved as easily as walking through a wooden doorframe with the right mindset.

Author: Rissa

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The London Adventure

As I stepped out of the airport the cold air licked my legs. This is not a place for shorts I thought to myself. Summer in London was nothing like the summer in the US and this destination, our last of three, was about 40 degrees colder. I’m just glad that at least I was the one who had checked the weather and packed jeans, unlike my unfortunate, tropical dressed family.