Author: Amanda Sweeny

Tags: Europe, Exploring, France, Paris

Travels in Paris

Shiny Golden Magic

Three things I miss the most about Paris:

   1. Croissants
   2. Naps at 4 o’clock in the afternoon
   3. A sense of amazement.

Author: Rachel Ravina

Tags: Europe, Exploring, France, Paris

Travels in France: Immersion

The moment I stepped out of the terminal of the Charles-de Gaulle airport, a great wave -- no, a tsunami - of unfamiliar words crashed upon me. It scattered my senses and left me floundering, my confidence dampened. I had stood contented on my little rock of knowledge of the French language. I thought back to the past year, my freshman year of high school, to the hours spent carefully gathering concepts like a squirrel collecting nuts, swelling with self-assurance each time I formulated a basic sentence... But now I saw that my quivering little pile amounted to nothing.